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The hospitality sector is a large, diverse and a highly competitive marketplace.  Businesses in this sector have learned it’s not enough to just deliver good food. They also need to focus on creating a unique brand, distinctive atmosphere and meaningful relationships with their customers in order to remain relevant.


What we do


The AzpiralPRO Loyalty platform is a fully integrated platform. It can be integrated with multiple customer touchpoints for instance ePOS, mobile apps, websites and social media networks. This means users can capture data across all these touchpoints, giving users a better understanding of their customers.


AzpiralPRO users can deliver a range of personalised communications, offers, rewards, promotions and competitions to their customers. Each can be customised and targeted to allow the user to tailor their customer’s experience and optimise every interaction with customers, leading to greater customer engagement and loyalty.


Azpiral has recently created our own customisable Loyalty App. This is ideal for the hospitality sector. As customers become more tech-savvy, making reservations and ordering online has become a huge part of the hospitality sector. Having your own branded app would help penetrate your brand and provide an ongoing dialogue between you and your customers, build loyalty and reduce costs like 10%-30% margin on reservation fees.

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Benefits of Loyalty

Gain a greater understanding of customers’ expectations

Identify valuable customers

Reduce customer attrition

Build meaningful relationships with customers

Increase brand awareness

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