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The role of the pharmacy is changing due advancements in technology, the rise of self-care trends and demand for OTC (over the counter) products. To meet the customers’ needs and remain relevant, the pharmacy sector must use real-time data to improve their service to the end customer and enhance their relationships with them by personalising their interactions and drive revenue throughout the store or online.


What we do


Loyalty programs aid a seamless brand amalgamation, ensure growth and build loyalty in the pharmacy sector.


Azpiral has worked hard to integrate with the largest ePOS companies in the sector to ensure running a loyalty program, using AzpiralPRO, is a smooth process across multiple locations and ePOS systems. This helps build a strong brand presence in the market.


AzpiralPRO’s integration to touchpoints in-store and online captures customer data that allows users to map the customer’s journey and gain deeper customer understanding.


This understanding coupled with personalised communications, promotions and offers ensures genuine customer engagement, loyalty and advocacy.


AzpiralPRO can facilitate Dual Loyalty meaning, clients can run more than one loyalty program within a business. Pharmacies with multiple brands in-store or online can run their own loyalty program alongside another brands loyalty program instore or online.


AzpiralPRO users can manage all customer data in one place, record customer participation and their responses to promotions and offers through the AzpiralPRO.


The standard CRM customer profile includes contact information, household information, and contact methods, email, SMS and in-app messaging. Simply enter your customer details into the CRM and click save — it’s that easy.


Other profile headings can be added to the customer profile to aid segmentation, for example, you can easily add customised profile questions. The CRM includes a comment section for users to leave notes regarding customers’ accounts.


The CRM promotion section allows users to view all of the promotions available to a specific customer. Using filters, users can view the past, current, future, terminated, club, standard and all promotions available to that customer at any time.


The CRM interactions display a list of communications between a customer and the brand via email, SMS, in-app messaging and web.


The AzpiralPRO CRM tool allows users to manage customer information, nurture customer relationships and aid customer segmentation.

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Benefits of Loyalty

Seamless Brand amalgamation

Aids brand consolidation

Understand and build relationships with customers

Identify high-value customers

Reduce Customer attrition

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