How to set up promotions across multiple ePOS, simply

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How to set up promotions across multiple ePOS, simply

In our latest release on the AzpiralPRO, we added Master Stock file naming. Which will provide a simple solution for multi-site groups setting up promotions across multiple ePOS with a click of a button.


AzpiralPRO users can now add department names to current department structures, this is designed to allow each store to define their department structure within each store.


Currently, due to Azpiral’s unique ePOS integration, we have the ability to directly influence the ePOS using the ePOS own configuration without the need for a Master Stock File. Azpiral determines store department I.D’s for each product scanned during a loyalty transaction but there is no department name associated with each sale, there is just a number.


This can make it difficult for people to set up promotions in-store or from a central office across multiple stores because departments can vary across different stores.


However, this latest release will allow users to name their department structures in order to eliminate this difficulty.


At Azpiral, we practice an agile process with our product development, so we are constantly releasing parts of an overall project in phases. This release is phase one of this development, so over the next few months, the entire development will be completed.


Phase one includes:
Stores now have a UI to show them their current department numbering. These departments are based on information gathered using Azpiral’s loyalty transactions.


The latest development allows users to also add department names to departments that were not determined by basket sales.


The UI displays each department grouping numbers that Azpiral has from each store and allow users to see a sample of recent products and product descriptions that are displayed in the different departments.



Master Stock Files can have up to four levels of departments. Stores can purchase items outside of the stock file, as products may be set up in-store that does not correspond to the master stock file. These departments are often named Mission, Department, Category, Sub Category.



This latest development is available to all AzpiralPRO users and can be located through the “Store” tab on the AzpiralPRO.
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