Share the love this Valentine’s day using your loyalty programme

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Valentine's Day

Share the love this Valentine’s day using your loyalty programme

Love is in the air and like any relationship on valentine’s day, it’s a great excuse to reach out to your customers and show them some love through your loyalty programme. Just remember that this is a bit of fun, keep your campaign humourous and use it to emphasis your brand message.

1.Express your Love for your loyal customers
Use your loyalty platform to set up a club with your top-performing customers over the past 12 months. Remember these are, in general, your most engaged customers so take the time to send them a personalised valentine’s day message and let them know how much you appreciate them.

Loyal Customer
Let them know you appreciate them

2. Reward Referrals
Create an incentive to encourage current customers to refer their significant others, friends and family to sign up to your rewards programme. Promotions like bonus points or exclusive offers for both the current customer and the new customer. Create a catchy promotion for doing this. Sharing the love on valentine’s day is something everyone wants to do so help your customers help themselves and their partners or friends.

3. Buy x get y free or Combination offers
Often people decide to have cosy nights in to celebrate with a significant other or their friends. Buy X get Y free and combination offers are a great way to drive business on Valentine’s day using your loyalty programme.

4.Remind them of the first time they purchased from you
Why not rekindle memories with your customers and remind them of the first item or service they purchased from you. Make sure to add in some humour here!

couple on Valentine's day

5.Gifts for him or her
If you have gender saved on your CRM you’ll be able to send an email with custom presents people can purchase from you. Give a discount for loyalty or free shipping explaining that you want to show your love for them by helping them show their love for their significant other.

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