Simple tips to show your customers love

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Customer Retention

Simple tips to show your customers love

It can be difficult to constantly keep up with customer and technology trends but honestly if you do simple things well your customers will love you for it.
In this post, we outline a few of the best ways to show your customers the LOVE and in return retain their loyalty.
A simple way to increase customer retention is to consider creating a loyalty program. You can excite and engage your customer with different promotions, offers, exclusive competitions or events, birthday promos, rewards and other incentives that are suited to your customer base and your brand.
Ultimately, your customers want to feel like they are valued. The easiest way to show them this is by understanding their wants and needs and offering them something relevant to their lifestyle.
So the promotions and offers you deliver to a single 20 something year old female compared to a 30 something year, married, mother of two should be based on past purchases and their lifestyle preferences.

These can all be determined using an integrated loyalty software with business analytics functionality.
Types of exciting offer and promotion types you can deliver quite easily are,
(Please note incentives are the brands choice, and these are only suggestions)
Offer incentives for a customer to return i.e. by 5 X get the 6th free.
Open a conversation with customers by offering them exclusive rewards or discounts for their Birthday.
Similar to this, you could also recognise anniversaries, such as the first time a customer ordered from you with coupons, treats in store/online, double points.
Thank your loyal customers with discount offers and rewards.
Boost your interaction with customers and send a newsletter that offers helpful information, how to guides, latest promotions or new products available to your audience.
Continue to understand your customers, ask customers how they feel about your customer service and find out if you can improve anything. It’s a good idea to give something in return for their feedback.
Use the customer insight that you collect. Don’t miss an opportunity to prove to your customers how important they are to you.
Community and local incentives are always good to create a positive relationship with customers.
Remember to keep things simple, reward good behaviour, reward effectively and continue to understand your customer base to enhance their customer experience.

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