Top ten tools every Loyalty Engine should have

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Top ten tools every Loyalty Engine should have

Loyalty engine software is crucial to launch any digitised loyalty program. With so many loyalty software suppliers and other digital marketing tools varying in price and functionality, it’s difficult to know what to look for to deliver a comprehensive loyalty program. We’ve outlined the top ten features to look for in a loyalty engine to ensure your loyalty program can grow as your business grows.



1. Integrated loyalty software
A loyalty engine that has the ability to integrate with a business existing software, whether is a CRM, website or ePOS system, is what every business needs to implement an Omni-channel experience for customers participating in the loyalty program and to also optimise data capture across channels.



2. Communication tool
Communication is key to engagement. Opening a two-way conversation with your customers helps businesses to build and nurture customer relationships. Loyalty engines that have the ability to communicate via multiple channels, for instance, SMS, email and in-app messaging, can guarantee each customer is communicated with through their preferred channel.


Loyalty strategies vary from business to business and even if your program doesn’t offer rewards, offers or competitions as part of the strategy, it’s good to have the option as part of your loyalty engine. Having the option allows businesses to diversify their loyalty marketing campaigns and spice up their loyalty program. It is important to note different types of benefits appeal to different types of customers. Having the option of multiple types ensures you can engage each type of customer.



3.Rewards tool
Rewards come in various forms and depending on the business they can allow businesses reward customers through third-party partnerships. This is particularly beneficial for online-only companies or companies that customers have no reason to engage with throughout the year, for instance, insurance companies or B2B suppliers. Bricks and mortar business can reward customers for positive behaviour, create interactions with customers and encourage spend in-store. Ensure your loyalty engine software can reward in real-time to optimise the customer’s experience.



4. Offers tool
Offers encompass traditional store-based offers. Most commonly these include “buy 5 get the 6th one free” or “fixed percent discount”. These are great for convenience type industries with high competition. They build brand loyalty, create regular interaction with a brand and encourage repeat custom. These work well as an everyday or ongoing offer that can complement a good rewards strategy too.



5. Competitions
Competitions tool is a simple way to add a gamification element to a loyalty program. Depending on a company’s loyalty strategy companies can use this tool to boost engagement and identify engaged audiences and create excitement between customers and the brand.




6. Segmentation capability
Segmentation is crucial to any loyalty program. The “one size fits all” concept is a thing of the past and is ineffective. The ability to send targeted communications, rewards and other promotions occur as a result of segmentation. This leads to greater personalisation, enhanced customer experience and higher return on marketing investments.


7. Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation enhances customer experiences by automating responses based on a customer’s behaviour or interaction, for instance, a thank you SMS when a customer registers for a loyalty program. The customer gets the instant gratification similar to what they would get in person. Marketing Automation also saves marketing team’s time and effort on routine tasks.


8. Analytics and Reporting
One of biggest advantages to digital loyalty software is the fact that everything is measurable. Reporting and analytics are crucial to understand customer’s behaviours, measure individual campaign across channels and different target audiences as well as the overall loyalty program performance. This way companies can identify customer expectations and patterns and optimise their loyalty marketing efforts.



9.Gift Card
This tool appeals to some industries more than others. An integrated Gift card tool as part of your loyalty engine is a practical tool to have as the integrated aspect means the gift card can be used across multiple sites. Integrated with a loyalty engine also means the customer’s data can be captured and the gift card becomes a valuable source of information to the company.



10.Mobile Loyalty app
Mobile penetration across the globe has grown dramatically over the last number of years. Mobile is now becoming a viable channel for consumption for multiple target audiences across different types of industries. If mobile is a channel that business could potentially engage their target audience or improve their customer experience and distinguish them from competitors mobile loyalty app is a great way to develop customer relationships and increase brand awareness.


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