5 tips to optimise your mobile marketing-SMS Marketing

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SMS marketing

5 tips to optimise your mobile marketing-SMS Marketing

Mobile marketing is defined as “a set of practices that enables organisations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through and with any mobile device or network “The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA).

With the huge growth in the mobile industry, “at the end of 2015, there were 4.7 billion unique mobile subscribers globally, equivalent to 63% of the world’s population” (GSMA, 2015), the mobile channel cannot be ignored as a means of loyalty and engagement. However, optimising your SMS for loyalty marketing can be difficult to get right.

Azpiral’s 5 top tips for SMS marketing.

1.Easy opt-in: Ensure your loyalty program is simple to sign up to. Whether registration is compleated through an online registration form or physical application form make sure to encourage the customer to opt-in to the communications and give a mobile number.

Encourage mobile opt-in by offering a reward, points incentive or an entry into a competition when a customer gives their mobile number and opt-in for communications.

Another option is to use mobile numbers as loyalty member identifiers instead of assigning loyalty cards. For more on this,  https://www.azpiral.com/blog-azpiralpro-new-features/

2. Personalise the experience: Aim to personalise your SMS marketing experience as much as possible by sending targeted SMS messages, highlighting offers to customers based on their personal preferences, past purchases or demographics.

Create exclusive mobile promotions to send customers to encourage the customers to engage with your SMS campaign.

Test promotions with different types of customers and measure engagement to fine-tune your SMS strategy and save money.

3. Monitor the opt-out: It’s important to monitor opt-outs after each SMS promotion. This metric is a key measure of the effectiveness of your SMS promotions.
Compare your opt-out rate each time and learn more about what impact certain types of promotions have on your target audiences.

Aim to minimise opt-outs by keep track of them and linking them to promotion efforts. This way you’ll learn more about your customers’ expectations and minimise costs.

4. Update promotions: Keep promotions exciting and update promotions regularly to keep your target audience interested and intrigued. Create fresh content and remember your talking directly to your customer. Don’t be afraid to let your brand personality shine through.

5. How often and when? Your timing is very important to your SMS campaign success. Customers are bombarded with messages and other social media notifications each day. In order to optimise your SMS campaigns, we recommend experimenting with different times and days and monitor the results to determine your best return. As a guideline, it is best to send mobile promotions during the hours of 9 am to 6 pm.

Saturday is a good day to send SMS campaigns and 2 to 4 texts per month is an adequate amount of texts to send without annoying your customers. If you contact people across different time zones consider scheduling their times to suit business hours in their time zone.

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