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Customer insights

Get to know your customer day occurs four times per year on the third Thursday of every quarter. The next one is on 15th July 2021. Marketers and business owners should consider it an opportunity to learn more about their customers, improve promotions and personalisation, grow customer relationships, and build customer loyalty.



Getting to know your customers means delving beyond basic demographics and making assumptions about people of a certain age, gender or geographical location. Basi demographics help build a picture, but they can be limiting without commerce and behavioural data. Taking the time to fully evaluate data gives businesses direction and clarity. This lays a comprehensive foundation for promotion strategy and relationship building.



In this blog, we highlight some tips to get to know your customer.



Ask for feedback and respond to it.
Hearing from your customers themselves is the nearest thing to the truth a business can get. Ask customers for feedback via survey, through a loyalty programme, on social media,  in-store, or through focus groups. This can help businesses to gather rich customer insights. This information coupled with transactional data and demographic data will improve customer personas and give businesses evidence-based customer data. Which will improve decision-making, promotion, marketing and customer experiences.



Responding to customer feedback is vital when trying to create a loyal customer base. According to  Microsoft’s 2017 State of Global Customer Service Report, 78% of respondents nationwide look favourably upon businesses that solicit and respond to customer feedback. 



The detail is in the data.

Outline the list of customer types you would like to know or maybe you know already. Your list should include
-top customers per store and
-top customers per group,
-top female shoppers
-top male shoppers



Some businesses might have niche customer types that allow them to get more specific. Others can divide these further by purchase frequency, average spend, top product purchased to get more detail and make informed evaluations about customer types.



Remember to have a specific question to have answered to avoid data overload. Data analysis can be done over time and across smaller, targeted customer types to gain explicit information.



Make the first move
There’s nothing like gratitude to build deeper relationships. Use the Get to Know Your Customer Day to simply say Thank you to your customers. This will open the lines of communication and provide an opportunity to engage with customers. As part of the communication why not ask a question to further enhance engagement and gain some valuable insight.




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