Top 8 Features to look for in a CRM System

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Customer Relationship Management

Top 8 Features to look for in a CRM System

A good CRM (Customer Relationship Management) builds value for your business. It gives fluency to your customer interactions, creates a common base for client knowledge among company departments and guides business decisions.

Companies optimising CRM business strategies are seeing increases in customer loyalty, lead generation and conversion.

Choosing the right Customer Relationship Management software can be difficult because the software needs to address your company needs and processes. Follow our eight recommendations to guide your selection.

1. User-friendly software – CRM software is used across many departments in a business. Make sure the software is easy to use to encourage maximum adoption of this process.

2. Integration with existing/new systems – Ensure your CRM is compatible with different back-office systems that your company may already use. Integrated systems give companies better insight into both company and customer behaviours and trends.

3. Ability to accommodate future business growth CRM systems are typically ever-growing lists of current customers and potential customers make sure your CRM system has the capacity to facilitate your businesses growth.

4. Seamless flow of information between multiple users – Sales, Marketing and Customer support teams may be based across different offices or even countries. Provide access to each team and user regardless of their location to ensure consistent information is penetrated throughout departments.

5. Real-time reporting and analysis – is crucial for data-driven companies to act fast and optimise their interactions with their customers and potential customers.

6. Automated functions – Where possible having a CRM that can schedule or automate certain aspects of the CRM is a great advantage for departments interacting with the CRM and will save users time.

7. Contact and Campaign Management – Additional functionality like communication via multiple channels is a useful capability to have as part of your CRM. It keeps all interactions with your customers centralised and minimises missed opportunities with customers and potential customers.

8. Ability to easily customise your system to fit your business needs – Every business is different and applies unique processes that address company needs. No CRM can work across each business perfectly. Before you purchase ask can you modify fields, tables, reports or security access easily? Is your CRM supplier willing to accommodate additional development to their software?

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