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Topaz Cash for Clubs

Topaz Cash for Clubs-Powered by Azpiral

Azpiral is proud to be powering Topaz’s Cash for clubs initiative again in 2017.

Cash for Clubs by Topaz Energy
Topaz Cash for Clubs gives customers the chance to win thousands of Euro for their local club.
The great thing about Cash for Clubs is that it is open to all clubs and all communities.

All club types and sizes can enter our draw and every club that meets the threshold will be rewarded.

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Cash for Clubs; the software behind it- AzpiralPRO

Azpiral’s cloud-based loyalty platform the AzpiralPRO can facilitate individual retailers or large retailer groups to run both localised and group-wide token offers using AzpiralPRO’s offer engine tool.

Companies can run and manage token based offers using the offers engine tool on the AzpiralPRO.
When Topaz originally launched their Cash for clubs initiative back in 2015 the whole program was done manually, registration, stamps added to receipts and administration teams counting the physical tokens.

Today, the AzpiralPRO’s token offer, as part of the offer engine tool, digitalized the whole program. Making it a simple initiative for Topaz to run for their customers.

Topaz loyalty customers register online or in-store for the cash for clubs program and choose a club to donate their tokens. Their loyalty card becomes the customer identifier.

So, they are already in the AzpiralPRO’s CRM. Every time that customer completes a transaction, of a certain value, Azpiral’s software issues a token to that customer, who is linked with their respective club.

The token is printed on the customer till receipt. When the club reaches 2,000 tokens they are rewarded by topaz and also entered into a draw to win a big prize for their club.

Azpiral’s offer engine enables users to customise transaction value and the quantity of token issued, the specific period the initiative runs for and the message displayed on the customer’s receipt.

Also, Azpiral contact centre process all the in-store applications and add them to the AzpiralPRO CRM tool.
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Engagement strategy behind Cash for clubs
The AzpiralPRO token offers tool are ideal for non-monetary engagement strategies.

Modern marketing techniques such as non-monetary loyalty strategies are a highly effective marketing method to engage target audiences with their values.

“Non-monetary rewards are created around customer values. Loyalty programs that use this do not offer monetary incentives but, rather, offer value-centered incentives that entice customers to buy.” (Peiguss, 2012).

Cash for clubs is a perfect example of this type of customer engagement strategy as its target audiences are motivated by their own personal reasons to shop with Topaz.

Studies have shown increased customer-company engagement when customers’ purchases are tied to the company’s effort to achieve a social good (Leo, 2013).

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