Why we rebranded to Azpiral and what it means for our company?

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Azpiral rebrand

Why we rebranded to Azpiral and what it means for our company?

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”. George Bernard Shaw

We are proud to announce our big change. We have rebranded to Azpiral.  We decided to rebrand following an executive decision to start exporting our product, now called AzpiralPRO, across Europe.


In May 2015, Payback Loyalty issued exciting news and held an official event, with Minister Richard Bruton, to announce that Payback had secured €2.5 million funding from Enterprise Ireland and BDO which meant that Payback would double their workforce over a two year period.


Since this announcement, Payback Loyalty has continued to grow its workforce. As well as this, Payback invested heavily in the development of its product. The product has now grown to a tool beyond traditional loyalty and now offers a range of smart functionality and analytics that are essential for understanding and engaging customers in today’s competitive and digitally connected climate.


With this growth and a desire to export across Europe, we felt that a rebrand was the right decision to update our brand and reflect fully our products capabilities.

We needed a name and brand identity that represented our goals, our company and our product. After much deliberation (much being the operative word) Azpiral was born. Azpiral derived from the spiral symbol meaning constant motion and ongoing growth felt like the perfect fit for our companies’ new brand.


Azpiral has a modern and techie feel. Its message is positive and an excellent reflection of what our product can do for our clients’ businesses. AzpiralPRO delivers all aspects of digital customer engagement which assists growth in customer relationships and in turn growth for our clients business.


We are excited to continue our growth and development as Azpiral and we are looking forward to our new chapter.

For more watch our brand journey video


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